Who We Are

Tonga Police is the lead law enforcement agency for the Kingdom of Tonga. We serve and protect the community 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by upholding the law and providing assistance when necessary. We provide help in times of emergency and disaster.

What we do:

The Tonga Police is responsible for:

   Maintaining law and order

   Preserving the peace

   Protecting life and property

   Preventing and detecting crime

   Providing community support and reassurance

   Upholding the laws of Tonga

   Undertaking the service and execution of court processes

   Carrying out land and marine search and rescue operations

   Carrying out any other function presented by law

Our services are aimed at:

keeping communities safe and secure;

reducing crime and road trauma;

improving the Police.

The Tonga Police will:

Serve you in a fair and professional manner.

Respond to your concerns with integrity and respect for the law and human rights.

Work together with you to ensure your safety and security.

Work together with other government agencies to ensure your country is safer

Adopt a community policing approach to solving problems

You can work together with us by:

NOT breaking the law;

Calling 922 for emergencies;

Letting us know how to better serve you;

Reporting offences

Working together with us to reduce crime.