Police Training College

The Tonga Police Training College (TPTC) is responsible for the training, education and career development of all Police Officers and administrative staff. The TPTC makes it a priority to provide highly qualified police officers through professionalised training in doing so improve Tonga Police service delivery to the community. TPTC achieves this through two key programs: Initial Training Program (Recruit Training), and Continuing Education Programs (Investigation Course, Management Course, Computer and Driver Training, Police Tactical Skills Course, Operational Safety).

The aim of the Initial Training Program is to equip police recruits with the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours required to be an effective police officer. The Initial Training Program was designed based on regionally recognized Policing Standards in 2006. The program was then localised to conform with local laws and circumstances and commenced delivery in 2007. This program was designed by pacific police officers including Tonga Police officers for pacific police services. In 2012 the Initial Training Program of the Tonga Police was accredited by the Tonga National Qualification and Accreditation Board. The Initial Training Program combines theory and practice to deliver a practical and realistic Course that allows easy transition of recruits from classroom to workplace.

The Continuing Education Program consists of various specialist areas of police training that aims at improving specialist capacities of individual officers and collectively of the organization. Some of these Course were designed against the Regional Policing Standards and have gone similar process of localisation as the Initial Training Program. They have yet to be accredited. Over the years the capacity of the Police College to deliver more specialist course have grown. While local delivery capacity have grown Tonga Police is also engaged to neighbouring Police organizations as training partners. These training partners include the Australian Federal Police, the New Zealand Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and recently in 2012 police services of China.