How to Contact Us

Emergency (24 hours)
Dial 922 for all emergencies or the crime is happening now.
Non-urgent (24 hours)
Dial (676) 26-494 OR Fax (676) 26-499 if you wish to report a non-urgent crime, incident or make a complaint about a crime that has already happened.
General Enquiries
Dial (676) 26-498 if you have any questions about police services, you can contact
Crime Stoppers Tonga
Dial (676) 26-495 if you have any information regarding a crime.
Police Records
Dial (676) 22-790 if you have any questions about obtaining criminal histories or police records
Liquor Licensing
Dial (676) 23-156 for any questions regarding liquor licensing
Traffic and Road Safety (infringement notices)
Dial (676) 24-342 for any questions regarding traffic, infringement notices or road safety.
Domestic Violence
Dial (676) 26-496 during working hours (8:30am—4:30pm) for any questions regarding our domestic violence services. Our emergency line is open 24 hours for any calls for assistance after hours.
Firearms Licensing
Dial (676) 870-8007 during working hours (8:30am—4:30pm) for any questions about importing, licensing of a firearm and/or ammunition in Tonga.
In Writing
Tonga Police address is provided below. All written mail can be send to this address and we will then deliver it to any of our Stations.
Tonga Police Headquarters
Mauikisikisi Rd

Telephone: (676) 23-226
Facsimile: (676) 23-036
Complaints Against Tonga Police Members
To make a complaint against a member, police officer or administrative staff of the Tonga Police please use the following contact:
Address: PSU Office, Police HQ. Longolongo
Telephone: (676)21626
Facsimile: (676)23036
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.