District Policing

For policing purposes the Tonga group of islands (consisting of 178 islands) are divided into six Police Districts:

1. Police District 1—Nuku’alofa Central District Tongatapu

2. Police District 2— Eastern District Tongatapu

3. Police District 3—Western District Tongatapu

4. Police District 4—Ha’apai Group

5. Police District 5—Vava’u Group including Niuafo’ou and Niuatoputapu

6. Police District 6—’Eua

A Police District is responsible for the management of policing activities within its geographical boundary. Each Police District is under the command of a Police District Commander who is responsible, for ensuring policing activities are aligned with the Tonga Police objectives and its Corporate Plan. The Police District Commander organizes, administers, coordinates, supervise, and control all police activities within the District and reports to the Deputy Police Commissioner for District Policing.

Download Police District Maps