Community Firearms Safety Program

A new initiative for 2013. The Community Firearms Safety Program (CFSP) is a response to increasing firearms related offences and injuries (including suicide) in the country. The CFSP is lead by the Operations Group and engages people at the community level with a view to influencing policy at the national level.

The primary focus of the CFSP is reducing injuries and armed offences by increasing awareness about firearms and safety. The Program involves qualified firearms officers attending community meetings and conducting community training on firearms safety handling.

The Program also focuses at strengthening application processes to ensure every person who is granted a firearm license is suitable and competent to operate a firearm. This means a competency-based firearm license application process is implemented which would extend to include the annual license renewal process. A key feature of the CFSP is a police led sub-initiative to establish an Association of firearm owners and users. The CFSP will also provide a platform to consult on a new Arms and Ammunition Act.

For more information on this Program please contact: 26925