Community Patrol Volunteers

What are CPVs

Community Patrol Volunteers (CPV) are unpaid members of the community who volunteer to be recruited and trained for specific activities supporting Tonga Police and their community. Volunteers do NOT have powers of a Police Officer but works under the direction of a Community Police Officer or other Police member at or from Community Policing Posts.

CPVs are recruited only for specific activities or period. CPV assist Tonga Police in making communities safer by reducing crime.

How to Join

Interested persons can contact the Community Policing Center at the National Police Headquarters, Longolongo for a position description of selection criteria, responsibilities and accountabilities of a CPV.

A Community Police Officer will schedule an interview , contact referees and carry out a criminal history check.

 Download Community Patrol Volunteer Policy

Existing Community Police Posts

Community Police Posts are primarily established in ‘at-risk’ communities. However communities can on their own volition establish their own Community Post. CPs are owned and operated by Communities in partnership with the Tonga Police. Together they work to ensure that the Post is fit for purpose, promote safety in the community, CPVs are highly visible and demonstrate a professional image for the Community and the Tonga Police.

 Existing Community Posts are located in:

  • Kolofo’ou
  • Ma’ufanga
  • Veitongo
  • Tofoa
  • Mata’aho (‘Eua)
  • Lotofoa (Ha’apai)
  • Ta’anea (Vava’u)

 Download Community Police Posts Policy

 The Community Police Officer

In order to build and maintain levels of community confidence and support it is essential Tonga Police works closely with all Communities regardless of ethnicity . Community Police Officers are created to contribute to our vision of “Safer Communities”. A Community Police Officer is a dedicated Police Officer whose duties are principally those of working with a Community or village.

Download Community Police Officer Policy