Domestic Violence Unit

The Tonga Police Vision for the Kingdom of Tonga is ‘Safer Communities’ and one of Tonga Police goals is ‘Community Reassurance’ with the aim to build safe, strong and vibrant local communities. Tonga Police acknowledge that every home within the Kingdom plays an integral part within each of its communities and that every person who lives in any community in Tonga has the right to live without violence and the fear of violence.

Tonga Police has made domestic violence a priority area for response, focus and public awareness. As a consequence, a National Domestic Violence Unit has been established and Domestic Violence Officers have been allocated to every Police District throughout Tonga. These Police officers and the National Domestic Violence Unit manage and process all reports of domestic violence incidence within the Kingdom.

Currently there is no legislative framework in place specifically designed for domestic violence cases but the laws of Tonga apply to all persons and acts of domestic violence are prosecuted under these laws.

One of the aims of Tonga Police is to reduce the number of people affected by domestic violence. Tonga Police will exercise a zero tolerance level to all reported physical assaults and specifically those against women and children.

Our Domestic Violence Unit is located in the Nuku'alofa Central Station, Level 1. You can contact DVU officers at phone number 26496 during normal work hours Monday to Friday. For emergencies please contact 922.