Police Band

The Royal Tonga Police Band’s origin goes back to almost hundred years ago. It started during 1900’s comprising of students from the only Government School at the time. The Band was purely a Brass Band pertaining traditional British Brass Band. Its main activities were regular rehearsals and a public performance every Friday evening. In 1951, it was incorporated into the Tonga Police Force, with bandsmen becoming regular policemen.  Again, with reorganization of the Tonga Police Force in 1968, the band became full official Tonga Police Brass Band, completely integrated within the Police Force.  The Government introduced in 1974 and finally in 1978 approved policies regarding band duties.

Today, the Band consists of 31 personnel perform three division Band. They are Brass Band, Big Band (Jazz Band) and a String Combo Band. The Band is responsible for all Government functions requiring a band parade, welcoming visiting dignitaries, all ceremonies attended by the Tongan Monarch and also available for private or public functions at payment of a prescribed fee. Since 1982, the Band represents the Kingdom of Tonga to many Music Productions around the world.

Tonga Police Band offers the following services to the Community:

· Brass Band

· Big Band

· String Combo

For any enquiries as to services and programs available please contact 23226.